Turning Back Time
Turning Back Time


Service Process

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1) Print and fill out this repair form

Click the button below to fill out and print the repair form. Please include this form with your watch.


2) Prepare your watch for shipping

Lets ensure a safe trip for your timepiece. Please do not send any original packaging or nice watch boxes as these can get damaged during shipping and will not be returned.


Bubble Wrapping

Securely wrap your watch in several layers of bubble wrap to ensure it is cushioned from any bumps and vibrations during shipping.


Strong Boxes

Pack your watch in a thick, corrugated cardboard box. When in doubt, pack that box in packing paper or bubble wrap inside of a second box for extra protection.

Insurance - Turning Back Time.jpg


Insuring your package protects your investment.


3) Ship it to us

Once your timepiece is securely packaged with its repair form, it can be sent to our watchmakers for a full assessment and a prompt, free estimate. Please use the address below.

10026-A S. Mingo Rd
Suite #459
Tulsa, OK 74133